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Ed Pacht: “Sylvanus, Anonymous of the GreenFriars”

Edward Pacht, a renown poet in the New England area announced his full-length novel “Sylvanus Anonymous of the Greenfriars” is now available from Lulu Publishers for $18 plus shipping.

Ed says, “…Sylvanus Anonymous of the Greenfriars” takes place in a not-quite-England of around AD 1000. It centers on a young noble who becomes a wandering friar called “Brother Sylvan” and the boy he rescued who becomes Brother Cakennet (that’s Kenneth with a stutter), in the city and duchy of Wellchester and in the tree-house Friary in the “Deep Wood”, a parallel world reached through any of several “gates” which occur here and there between trees. Time runs at different rates in this world and that one, with some paradoxical results. There is conflict betw en an evil Duke and an oppressed poor citizenry.

In an accompanying sub-plot, certain of the friars appear in my time in places I know, in New Hampshire and Maine, through similar gates to present me with manuscripts which I edit and form into the novel.”

Ed is currently the editor of the North East Anglican Newsletter, covering the North East Diocesus of the Anglican Church in America. He writes a poem a day and self-publishes them into ‘ChapBooks’ that are for sale. Ed enjoys traveling to different venues to read his poetry or excerpts from his book. All he needs is B&B plus gas money. He can be reached at: edpacht1@myfairpoint.net. His novel “Sylvanus Anonymous of the Greenfriars” is available from http://www.lulu.com/shop/ed-pacht/sylvanus-anonymus/paperback/product-18960382.html;jsessionid=293B69DDA5F7DB3DE69453440C77EF4C

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