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Perfect Day

The Perfect Day

I’ve just finished reading “Tuesdays With Morrie” by Mitch Album. The story was read onto tape by Ray Hagan for the National Library Service and it was very well-done. The narrators tone of voice, cadence and accent brought the emotions and story alive. The topic revolves around the life-time experiences of Mitch’s former professor, who WAS THEN in his final battle with A.L.S.
Ted Koppel interviewed Morrie Swartz several times for his Night-line TV series, bringing national acclaim to Morrie, his courage, humor, grace, and points to ponder.
The author and Morrie considered this book to be Mitch’s thesis. A thesis that would be Morrie’s final class to teach and another chance for Mitch to learn from a great master. Morrie said that by learning how to die, one learns how to live.
One of the questions Mitch asked Morrie, as Morrie was days away from death, was: If you could be miraculously healthy for one day, what would you do? Mitch was surprised by Morrie’s simplistic response. What would YOU say if someone asked you what your perfect 24-hours would be?

While being blind is not terminal, I do have a feeling of being trapped in my own body, as Morrie was as his disease progressed. My perfect day would begin with making mad, passionate love with my husband, followed by a swim in our heated pool, then having a breakfast consisting of fresh grapefruit (just the sections and juice, please), one of those big, raisin bran muffins from Wegman’s, and a mug of my favorite, pseudo-cappuccino coffee; all served poolside.
After my husband leaves for work, I’d like to write until lunch-time, when two or three friends would come in for a light lunch and heavy conversation. In the afternoon, I’d like my little ones and their friends to come to tell me stories, play board games, and maybe even go for a swim. In the evening, my older children would come for a casual cook-out. They’d bring the food and do the clean-up, too.
Following that, I’d like to take a long walk with my husband to surprise a little chipmunk from under her Hosta Lily leaf, snap twigs beneath my feet on the path through the copse of Maple trees bordering Miller’s pasture, smell the ripening fruit on Wilbert’s apple trees, hear the kerplop of the frogs in Englert’s pond, smile at the raucous warnings from the Crows and Blue Jays, and hold His hand as we trudge back up the hill to our home. By then it would be almost dark and we could take a dip in the pool and trundle off to bed to rest in peace. In other words, I’d like my perfect day to include fellowship, fun and faith; dignity, independence and serenity.

What would your perfect day be like? Give me a call. Let’s chat.
(“Tuesdays With Morrie; An Old Man, A Young Man, and Life’s Greatest Lesson” by Mitch Album, Published by Doubleday, 1997, 192 pages. This story was also made into a movie.)
“Cornucopia” column: 10/12/2006 Wayne County Mail Newspaper

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