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Civil War, at DAR

Civil War at DAR


The youthful man stood before us in a heavy woolen soldier’s uniform, boots,  Kepi, weapons, and rucksack.  Strewn about him were uniforms, camp gear, money, guns with bayonets, and powder pouches.

Guest speaker, Josh Fess’s passion for the Civil War was obvious as he presented “The history of the 34th North Carolina and the Confederate Soldier” on Wednesday, April 17, at the Col. Wm. Prescott Chapter House, 119 High Street, Newark, NY.

Josh Fess is a freshman at Minerva Deland School in Fairport, NY and an American Civil War Re-enactor. Fess is a member of the 34th North Carolina Company H Re-enactment Unit that is posted out of Rochester, NY. Fess and his unit portray a unit that was mustered out of Cleveland County, North Carolina on October 25th, 1861 at Camp Fisher. The 34th joined the Confederate Army on January 1st, 1862 with their total force of 746 men ready and willing to serve for their new country.

Today the 34th consists of about 30 to 40 active members. Fess has been a member of the 34th since the winter of 2010.  He and the 34th travel throughout all of New York to participate in many different re-enactments. The 34th also travels to other states to participate in national level events.

Most all re-enactments represent a battle or skirmish that took place during the war or are battles that possibly could have happened. Many of the large battles are often reenacted near the dates that they actually occurred during the war. Some of these major battles are the 150th 1st Manassas, Antietam, and Gettysburg.

Many reenactors in the 34th are dedicated to having a very accurate and authentic impression, and strive to know the most they can about the Civil War.

   Fess brought the gear, clothing, artifacts, and paraphernalia  that a soldier would have had throughout the war for members to peruse.  While our focus is the American Revolution, this presentation of an important historic event was lively and well received.

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