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Inanimate Object

Inanimate Object

By Kate Chamberlin

October, 2013

Swish to the left,

Swish to the right,

Tappity, tap, tap.

I won’t come when you call,

I  won’t get up if I fall,

Tappity, tap, tap.

Don’t leave safety to chance,

Think of taking me in advance,

Tappity, tap, tap.

I can go very fast or slow,

I’ll let you know to step high or low,

Tappity, tap, tap.

 When I’m broken into three,

I can be stowed swiftly,

Tappity, tap, tap.

I can be used in the city or on a country lane,

I’m the blind lady’s long, white cane,

Tappity, tap, tap.

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“Life’s Ladders”

by Kate Chamberlin

September, 2013


L – life’s long, sometimes lonely journey

A – acts  of kindness we find along the way

D – depression and distress  by our failures

D – delight and delirium by our successes

E – eternal attitude of gratitude

R – relationships along the way, reform, and redemption

S  – Serenity reaching home after a long journey.


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Life’s Little Quirks

Life’s Little Quirks

Yes, indeed.  Life certainly can be interesting.  For instance, From time to time, I like to have a little container of Vanilla yogurt.  We’ll pick it up on Saturday morning while doing the week’s grocery shopping and immediately put it away in a particular drawer in the fridge.  Then, during the week, I can pull one out of the drawer and enjoy it.

Imagine my surprise when it sure tasted like coffee! Apparently, the Vanilla and Coffee yogurt are right next to each other and their labels are not very different.  You need to be very vigilant to get the right selection.

A similar thing happened with the white grape juice.  We get the kind that is in a big, glass jug.  One day I poured some in a glass and tasted it.  It smelled like peach.  It tasted like peach, yet, my husband swore he’d picked up white grape juice.

Upon closer scrutiny of the label, the peach/grape juice was distinguished from the white grape juice by a very small picture of a peach nestled in among the picture of a bunch of grapes.

Well, I shouldn’t really pick on you sighted folks like that.  I’ve had my interesting moments, too. One Thanksgiving, I was thickening the turkey gravy with cornstarch.  It didn’t want to thicken, so I added more, then even more, as the   drippings kept on boiling.  Finally, in exasperation, I tasted it.  I’d been using Confectioner’s Sugar, not cornstarch!

Just the other day, I wanted to clean the upper oven (Our lower oven is self-cleaning, if you remember to turn it on.).  I sprayed the oven with the foam and left it to dissolve the crud into gunk.  Usually it takes a second spraying, so I left the can on the counter.  I had to do it several times, but the stuff didn’t seem to be working.

When my husband came home, he asked why the Woolite Rug Cleaner can was on the counter!

Oh, dear Gussie, then the was the time…well, I’m sure you’ve had your share of life’s interesting little quirks, too.

Give me a call.  Let’s chat.


Column To: Tammy Whitacre, Editor,

06/01/2005 Wayne County STAR Newspaper


by Kate Chamberlin

Copyright © 2005, 2014 by Kate Chamberlin



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