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Walworth Food Pantry (CROP)4

Media Release (4):  community calendar

Submitted by Kate Chamberlin, 315/986-1267

Walworth Food Pantry

The 2014 CROP (Communities Responding to Overcoming Poverty) Hunger Walk that will benefit the Walworth Food Pantry as well as other communities and countries is scheduled for Sunday, May 4, 2014 with registration at the United Methodist Church, located at the corner of Main Street and Church Street, Walworth beginning at 12:30 PM.


Donations and pledges received prior to April 30, 2014, will count toward the Alan Shawn Feinstein 17th Annual $1 Million Give-away among non-profit hunger fighting agencies. Walkers, businesses, and organizations  that wish to participate or donate may register on-line: Www.crophungerwalk.org\walworthny.


For more information, please contact:  Amy Barber, 585-301-2852; Amybarber001@gmail.com.


18 Apr 2014, 12:58pm

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Adriaansen at DAR

Media Release

Submitted by Kate Chamberlin, 315/986-1267

Attached photo:  Carolyn Adriaansen shares a model privy with DAR Recording Secretary, Kate Chamberlin

Adriaansen at DAR

Wayne County – On Wednesday, April 16th, the Col. Wm. Prescott Chapter members and guests welcomed Carolyn Adriaansen, the Town of Marion’s Historian.


“Once you have two of something,” Carolyn said, “you have a collection and people want to add to it.”


This dynamic and energetic speaker has been collecting a plethora of memoralbilia pertaining to the privy for over 35-years.


In her display, she has  a 1908 Sears Roebuck Catalogue, from which you could buy anything from nails, screws , and linens to a whole house, as well as plans and materials to build your own Out House. Among the many items was one labelled “After-Dinner Rolls”.  It was a wooden holder for two rolls of toilet paper.


“Usually, the privy was located a short distance away from the home and sported a moon for the ladies and a star for the gents,” Adriaansne said. “One wealthy home owner had a two-story brick “house” attached to his home,  voila! an upstairs bathroom and a downstairs bathroom.”


Carolyn shared numerous humorous potty jokes and stories with her audience, which need to be heard to be appreciated. She even wears a small privy pendant on a chain.  The little door opens to expose …well, just open the door and find out!


Contact: Carolyn Adriaansen, Marion Town Historian 4063 Maple Avenue Marion, New York 14505. Phone: 315-926-4436.


Inquiries about the DAR are always welcome.  For more information, please contact Regent Mrs. Andrea Felker, 1-315-594-1390, hafelker@gmail.com or Registrar Mrs. Joyce Johns, 1-315-594-2007, jjohns268@rochester.rr.comPress Outhouse

13 Apr 2014, 10:34am

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Cloning Cherry Trees

Cloning  Cherry Trees

   The original Yoshino cherry trees that Japan gave the United States as a token of friendship in 1912 are slowly dying out. Just 125 of those first 3,000 trees remain; however, scientists at the National Arboretum have developed a method to maintain the legacy of the Japanese gifts.

Yoshino cherry trees live an average of 47 years; the remaining original 125 are now 87 years old.

Arboretum scientists spent six months performing DNA fingerprinting to identify the original trees. Cuttings taken from the originals were used to grow saplings.

Scientists said cuttings were used because pollination would not produce trees that were genetically compatible.

Agriculture Secretary Dan Glickman presented 500 saplings cloned from the original trees that will join the more than 3,700 trees encircling the Tidal Basin near the Jefferson Memorial and lining the grounds of the Washington Monument.

Other trees have been added over the years to make a truly splendid sight in the spring when they all bloom.


(SOURCE; The Empire State News, Daughter of the American Revolution newsletter, Alice Teal, Editer.)NOTE:  A version of this article first appeared in the weekly column Cornucopia  by Kate Chamberlin in the Wayne County STAR Newspaper, 02/10/2000.

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