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Thanksgiving Preparations

Thanksgiving Preparations

By Kate Chamberlin

December 02, 1998, November, 2015



The guest room drapes aren’t finished, the hallway light is out, and the dish washer is gushing soap. Can you tell it’s just moments before our family and their guests are due to arrive for the Thanksgiving weekend?


As the doorbell rings, the phone jangles, the dogs bark as they race down the hallway, and the tall clock chimes the hour. Let the family circus begin. I love it and wouldn’t have it any other way.


I’m trying to get my children to keep Thanksgiving day or weekend a time to come home. I don’t mind traveling to their homes for Christmas, Easter or any other holiday or even just to visit, but, I’d like everyone to come home for Thanksgiving.


Throughout the years, we’ve had the children’s friends, their pets, their allergies and their love with us at our groaning board. We always seem to find a balance of family, friends, and no-one. I have so much to be thankful for.


Oh dear Gussie! The cat just dropped a dead mouse at my feet. The toilet is clogged and the fuse to the bedroom wing blew out.

Maybe next week, we’ll be able to fondly reminisce about the Thanksgiving that was.


Happy Thanksgiving

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