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Kate’s 2¢: “Anything For You” by Saul Black

“Anything For You” by Saul Black


Kate’s 2¢: There is a plethora of in-depth biographies of authors and reviews of their books, that state the title, author, published date, and genre; as well as,     describing what the book is about, setting, and character(s), so, Kate’s 2¢ merely shares my thoughts about what I’ve read.  I’m just saying…


I don’t know why writers think they have to use so much potty mouth language. Christina Delaine did a good job of reading “Anything For You”  in a not too suttle dramatic voice, but, I almost deleted the story from my Victor Stream Reader, because I didn’t want to listen to 13 hours/18 minutes of filth.

Before I did, the scene shifted to another “main” character, who knew how to not talk trash; well, mostly. The plot thickened and I continued to listen, discounting the potty mouth.  It turned out to be a pretty good story. Although, I did find the ending a bit unsettling.

I often wonder why a writer chooses to use a pen name. Lewis Carrol used a fake name for “Alice in Wonderland”, so people wouldn’t associate a child’s fantasy story with his academic mathematic tomes. An editor of a start-up magazine used various pseudonyms, so readers would think he had many contributing writers. Perhaps, a writer wants to try his hand at a different genre, to stand on its own merit, instead of being judged on his already famous name. Then again, maybe the writer just doesn’t like his given name. I prefer honesty and using one’s real name.


From the web:

Saul Black is the pen name used by the critically acclaimed British author named Glen Duncan. He is well known for writing thriller, mystery, and horror novels, such as, The Last Werewolf and many other books. Author Saul was born in the year 1965 in the city of Bolton, Lancashire, England. His family belongs to the Anglo-Indian community. In 1994, author Saul had visited India with his father before continuing on to the United States, where he spent several months travelling the country by Amtrak train, writing much of what would become his first novel, Hope …



Anything for you DB97523

Black, Saul. Reading time: 13 hours, 18 minutes.

Read by Christina Delaine.


Suspense Fiction

Mystery and Detective Stories


A watchful neighbor locks eyes with an intruder and unwittingly alerts the police to a vicious crime scene next door where a man lies dead, his wife clinging to life next to him. The victim was a well-known San Francisco prosecutor with a connection to homicide detective Valerie Hart. Unrated. Commercial audiobook. 2019.

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