2 May 2020, 4:22am

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Cornucopia: Within My Refrigerator

Within My Refrigerator

By Kate Chamberlin



Cucumber in brine

Tart, tangy taste of salt and dill

Speers, chopped and whole.


Corned beef and cabbage

Carrots, celery, potatoes

St. Patrick’s Day feast.


Ginness is a must

St. Patrick’s Day feast

Also, lemon tarts.


Fresh broccoli stalks

Dark greenheart healthy veggies

Smothered in cheese sauce.


Carton of skim milk

Almond milk on my bran flakes

Half and half for Jo.


Carrot cut in half

Center slice looks like an eye

Never blind rabbits.


Tomato in half

Simulates a healthy heart

Salad or sandwich.


Artichoke in wine

Lowers cholesterol

Aids digestion


Green Avocados

Helps battles diabetes

Controls blood pressure.


Vinegret coleslaw

Banish bruises, strengthen bones

Combats Breast Cancer


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