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“Paranoid” by Lisa Jackson

Kate’s 2¢: There is a plethora of in-depth biographies of authors and reviews of their books, that state the title, author, published date, and genre; as well as,     describing what the book is about, setting, and character(s), so, Kate’s 2¢ merely shares my thoughts about what I read.  I’m just saying…


Very well done. I see why Jackson, aka Crose, has so many best sellers. Although, I identified who the “patient” was, I sure didn’t figure out just how convoluted the ending would be. The reviewer was right. This was an OMG story.


From www.lisajackson.com:

With more than 85 romance and suspense novels published, Susan Lisa Jackson (better known as Lisa Jackson) has over twenty million copies in print in twenty languages. Jackson also writes under the name Susan Lynn Crose. Born in Oregon in 1952, she also grew up in the state and attended Oregon State University where she studied English.

“The title of Lisa Jackson’s latest, Paranoid, is pretty apt, considering it will have your nerves frayed before you’re even halfway through reading it.” —Popsugar LIAR, LIAR “The author’s managing of the past and present separately is an effective method of clue dangling to keep readers in the dark until the huge OMG reveal.



Paranoid DB97205

Jackson, Lisa. Reading time: 13 hours, 12 minutes.

Read by Kristin Allison.


Romantic suspense fiction

Suspense Fiction

Mystery and Detective Stories


Twenty years ago, high school student Rachel accidentally shot and killed her half brother Luke during a game with their friends. Now a series of violent incidents occurs within the group, beginning on the anniversary of his death. Violence, strong language, and some explicit descriptions of sex. 2019.

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