23 Jun 2020, 4:46pm

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Cornucopia: Pandemic Moon Beam, double acrostic

Pandemic Moon Beam, Double Acrostic
By Kate Chamberlin
(Male voice / Female voice)

Panic prevails among the people
Pause to ponder amidst the pale moonlight

Angst, anger, and antagonism abound
Arm in arm with hearts held unbound

Numbness, nausea, and no breath niggle nerves
Nearest to my dearest in the silvery mist

Distance destroys dinners, duties, and dances
Dare to love forever in a moon beam

Electronic exchanges for entertainment and edification
Eternally strolling, stealing passionate kisses

Mindfulness and meditation maintain mental health
Mesmerizing clouds scud across the lunar orb

Incrementally inch by inch, the illness ebbs
Ilk of the virus has been vanquished

Covid-19 be gone; be damned.
Covid-19 survivors linger in the aura of the silvery moon beam.

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