25 Oct 2009, 2:56pm

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Freewill, a local school

Deja vue all over again. One of the features that attracted us to Walworth and helped us to decide to build where we did in 1972, was the close location to the local elementary school. I liked the idea of having my future little ones attend a school close to home. Remember the Walworth Academy, then Elementary School?
The builder told us a new elementary school was being planned for the land just east of our new home. As a Certified Elementary teacher, I liked this idea, too. Alas, the new school was built west of us, all the way over on Canandaigua Road. Now, that too is apparently slated to close and little ones will be bussed into Ontario, not exactly close to their own home and neighbors.
Perhaps, if the current Freewill Elementary School really does become the new library and senior center, the powers that be will allow the families in “S. Ontario” (formerly a.k.a. Walworth), to choose to send their little ones to the elementary school that is closer: Gananda Elementary School; just as, a few years ago, they let folks on Paddy Lane choose to send their little ones to Freewill or the school closer to home, the Ontario Primary School.
Oh, dear Gussie. On second thought, since my youngest will be out of Freewill in the Spring of 2011, perhaps I should start lobbying for para-transit to get me to the Senior Center on Canandaigua Road.

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