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By Kate Chamberlin

I was sitting in my favorite spring chair at our cottage, listening to the cooing of a Morning Dove and the raspy crank of a pheasant interrupt the cacophony of sparrows and warblers singing their hearts out. My thoughts wandered (Yes, yes. That happens often and can be dangerous!)
I guess I feel like a lady-in-waiting, although, when I’m dressed in my grubbies, sweating like a horse as I mop the kitchen linoleum and then try to catch a toddler who has slipped on it, I dont feel like a lady. And for what I’m waiting? I havent a clue.
My thoughts turned to publishing. I was recently asked if I had any new books coming out. I said no, because I felt my two young grandchildren needed me more than I needed to be published. That wasnt the whole truth. My articles have been published a lot and I find the notoriety a little bit embarrassing. I write because I enjoy writing. If it gives people pleasure or a brief smile to make a bright spot in their day, Thats great.
Having said that, I would love to have one of my grandchildren or great-grandchildren discover all the manuscripts, articles and stories I have “on hold”. They would come to know their Mimi — maybe even publish “The Definitive Works of Kate Chamberlin” after I’m gone.
Surely, one of the sections in this tome would be dedicated to the Daughters of the American Revolution. DAR is so much a part of my — their — roots.
They’d scour the numerous articles I’ve written about the Col. William Prescott Chapter (Newark, NY); research my first membership in the Eunice Dennie Burr Chapter (Fairfield, CT); carefully glean information from the scrapbook of my early years in the CAR (Deerfield, IL); and of course, scrutinize all the hand-written genealogy records my grandmother so painstakingly kept.
They would discover that their old blind Mimi was an educated, professional woman who had traveled the world and chose to live in our United States of America. They’d comprehend how integrated the DAR motto of God, Home and Country was throughout her life-time. The ideals and goals of the Daughters were her own goals… and, before my waxing went weepy, my thoughts turned to the Statue of Liberty.
She seems to be a lady in waiting, too. She’s been waiting a heck of a lot longer than I have, yet, amidst the turmoil going on around her, she remains steadfast with her admirable goals of graciously welcoming the down-hearted into domestic peace and tranquility. Her feet are firmly planted on American soil with the waves of freedom lapping near-by.
Alas, I can feel the waves lapping at my own feet…oh, Dear Gussie! That lapping is a DODAR licking my ankles. Abruptly my thoughts turn to more current issues, like getting his breakfast kibbles. Then, when my boys wake up, we’ll hang our American flag on the front of our home with a reverent salute to Independence Day, 2002.
Yes, yes. We’ll even say our Pledge of Allegiance!
(NOTE: The husband of a D.A.R. member is a AHODAR, so, it makes perfect sense that a dog of a D.A.R. member is a DODAR.)
A version of this article appeared in my column Cornucopia on July 4, 2002 Wayne County Mail Newspaper.
Copyright © 2002,2011 by Kate Chamberlin

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