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Behind Our Eyes

Behind Our Eyes front cover
“Behind Our Eyes” is a POD 218 page book of short stories, essays and poems that is heart-warming and heartbreaking. The stories deal with situations and emotions that confront all areas of life. Marilyn Brandt Smith, the editor of this book, describes the collection as “an anthology that reflects the experiences and abilities of the disabled. Diversity is the welcome result when people with disabilities put their minds, hearts and perspectives together. Sometimes disability, primarily blindness and low vision, is the focus of our work. But often, our lives and our writing are more about situations confronting all humans: family, love, discord, appreciation of nature, and the desire to see the world beyond our doorstep.” Kate Chamberlin, of Walworth, NY, is one of the 27 writers featured in “Behind Our Eyes”. Her dilemma of how to cope with going totally blind as an adult with an active young family is portrayed with humor, emotion, and plenty of good advice in “Make Lemonade”. Chamberlin’s second piece included in this anthology is “Trauma, Heartbreak, Joy”, dealing with the realistic fiction of a pregnant teen-ager and delves into the fate of her babies. My passion has always been teaching,” Chamberlin said. “It began with my first, published children’s book, “The Night Search” and I realized that the world is now my classroom. It is difficult to find transportation in my rural community, so the internet, e-mail, telephone, and computer with screen reading software enable me to do research, stay connected with people, and keep my sense of humor and sanity. Writing a weekly column for over eleven years and a monthly column for 3 years, makes me stay current, is a great venue for public education, and provides a personal challenge.” To preview the contents of “Behind Our Eyes” Anthology and/or purchase a copy, please visit www.iuniverse.com/bookstore. (pbk: ISBN978-0-595-46493-7; cloth: 978-0-595-70303-6; ebk: 978-0-595-90791-5, check compatibility with your adaptive technology before ordering e-book). NLS will have two cassettes, RC 65632; Three Braille volumes, BR 17432. Royalties go to Behind Our Eyes, Inc. to fund future projects by writers with disabilities.

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