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Charles and David

Front cover art for 'Charles and David' by Kate Chamberlin

“Charles and David”

by Kate Chamberlin

Illustrated by Dean Wroth

Available from:  www.jasonandnordic.com

Phone  814-696-2920

Soft cover:  ISBN 978-0-944727-37-9

Hard cover:  ISBN 978-0-944727-36-2

Check Publisher for current pricing and other books about children with handicapping conditions.

Two Cousins, who often don’t get along, spend the summer with Grandma and Granddad in the country.  Charles is overweight and enjoys watching TV when he gets home from school.  David has Diabetes, he’s often tired, and has to keep close track of his diet and monitor his glucose.  He wears an insulin pump which isn’t understood by his cousin.  Since Grandma is blind, television is not available on the farm.  Over the summer the boys learn many ways of having fun without the television.  The boys grow in understanding each other and become good friends.

For teachers and parents:  This book may provide a vehicle for discussing problems that people often set them apart and seem annoying to those who don’t understand the situation.  It also provides a setting for discussing healthy eating, the value of exercise, and eating problems due to health issues as well as poor choices.

About the author:

Kate Chamberlin was teaching nursery school when she became blind however, it didn’t slow her down. She learned braille as well as cane travel; trained at Guiding Eyes for the Blind, inc. and shares her life with her guide dog and family.  She has been active in scouting, church, teaching and tutoring;  and is a newspaper columnist and free-lance writer.  Kate’s Feely Can and Sniffy Jar Presentations   encourage people with disabilities to live to their fullest potential.

Kate is the model for the grandmother in this story.  This is Kate’s second Turtle Book.  Her first book, “The Night Search”, is available in twin-vision as well as the Turtle Book formats.

Kate is the author of “Green Trillium” and a contributing author to “Behind our Eyes, an anthology…”

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