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Green Trillium

Green Trillium - cover
In “Green Trillium”, Kate Chamberlin weaves a tale of how the lure and lore of the wildflowers, bog, and drumlin woods capture 9-year old Paul’s heart transforming him from a rather negative little boy into a young fellow with a purpose. The mishaps, hikes and adventures Paul has with his 12-year old sister Sarah and Grandma Grace with her guide dog, during four seasons, will enthrall young readers as well as parents and grandparents who read “Green Trillium” to their children. This story can be enjoyed for itself, but it can also be an excellent springboard to discussions about conservation, disabilities, family values and so many other topics. Discussion guidelines and activities can be found on www.katechamberlin.com. Illustrator Mia Surakka’s stylized wildflowers, little critters, and artful presentations bring visual vitality to “Green Trillium”. A native of Finland, Mia’s own love of hiking, nature, and little critters is evident in her colorful illustrations and attention to details. Take “Green Trillium” along on your wildflower walk and be amazed at how many wildflowers you can identify from the story. “Green Trillium” is dedicated to Mark L. De Cracker, who grew up exploring and learning from the acid bog and drumlin woods near his grandmother Wadsworth’s property in Lyons Wayne County, NY. “Every year society spends more and more time trapped inside playing video games or watching the latest reality shows,” De Cracker stated on April 6, 2009. “As Henry David Thoreau said it best in 1856: “man is richest whose pleasures are the cheapest.” It has always been these simple pleasures of nature that have meant the most to me. Whether watching the sunset on a mountain lake or walking in woods in the spring looking at the beautiful wildflowers at my feet. It is nature that gives me my inspiration. It is important that we introduce our children to nature. The values of introducing our children to nature at an early age will pay dividends forever. Appreciating the beauty we are surrounded by will only help us appreciate everyone around us and grow as a civilization. In all my years of hiking, I have never heard anybody expressing anger while on the trail. Oh we might complain how cold it was or the rain pleating down on our face, but we never forget those times. But the times we truly never will forget are those times a child discovers that special wildflower or the setting sun.”

“GREEN TRILLIUM” by Kate Chamberlin and illustrated by Mia Surakka is available from: www.trafford.com/bookstore. Soft cover: ISBN978-1-4269-0875-0 Phone 1-888-232-4444 A portion of the royalties will be donated to Trailworks of Wayne County, Inc.

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